Jeremy Vine STFU!

Last week, I found myself listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 – which is more than enough to put anyone into a rage, especially when people decide to air their crap opinions to a nation that is pretty much filled with idiots. The whole show revolves around rattling on about a ‘controversial’ issue for the allotted time it is given, people getting worked up (I know that feeling) and listeners phoning/ SMS’ing/emailing the studio to make their voice heard. But guess what? You have essentially wasted your energy because NO PROGRESS IS MADE IN REAL LIFE FROM THIS KIND OF SHOW!!!! Use your brain, what use is talking about something just to hear people’s opinions, all of which just fall down the memory hole once the next topic is presented?

The talking point on the show I was listening to was “If you saw someone dressed inappropriately in these cold winter conditions, would you intervene and tell them?” (!) What kind of a bloody talking point is that? No, of course I wouldn’t! Next question please. If people want to go out in the snow wearing a pair of flip flops and a T-Shirt, so what? who really cares? Who do these people think they are to go casting opinions on how others are walking around? Why can’t they get back to their sad, pathetic existence rather than trying to control the world to suit them? Get on with your own lives and do something useful, rather than trying to claim the high ground to justify why you are better than everyone else. WANKERS!!!

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