SEO, On-Page SEO blah blah blah FUCK OFF!

Hello there, if you have come here for whatever reason to read the blog, fine – I don’t really care if anyone reads or not, its for me to vent anger, if you enjoy reading it, that’s also fine.

What pisses me off is the scum of the internet, the people that are trying to submit comments to these posts who are just trying to sell and promote whatever scam they think will make them mega bucks. Yes, I’m talking about you bastards, the SEO people! You stupid dipshits must have rotten apples for brains, there are hardly any comments here, do you honestly think you are the first person to post an SEO comment? Do you really think you have found a goldmine here because it is virgin ground? If so, you will never make any money you fucking retards.

I should let you know that I vet EVERY comment. The pass/fail criteria is this: If you are selling/marketing something, it gets deleted, anything else gets a pass.

Now if you are using a bot to trawl for websites and leaving comments in the posts, then yes, you are still a piece of cocksucking alien shit, but it is almost excusable, as you will never see this message, but forĀ  the rest of you doing it manually – do the points above not register at all? My vision of you SEO selling people (or penis/tit/Valium pills) is that you really have not achieved that much in life, probably dropped out of school, maybe played a bit of dungeons and dragons, tried to get in on the boom back in the day, missed out because you could only create a shitty little local portal, and now you sat at home(shit hole) with the cheapest internet connection you can afford, on a ‘dongle connection’ (better go and ‘top that up’ soon) drinking the cheapest alcohol that you could find, while typing in google/bing “how to make money online”. Its a bit of a grim picture isn’t it? Welcome to your shitty life, now fuck off and stop leaving comments – you need to shower and suck your dad off. WANKERS!

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