Trolling – Really? Wise up, wankers.

Another day, another fucking news story about a whored out celebrity getting ‘trolled’. Great. It is totally crap how they have latched onto this word around 2010 and, over time, raping the arse off it even though you can find it being used on Usenet as far back as 1998!  The only problem is, the media do not understand the full definition. Journalists piss me off, they try to be cool and ‘with-it’ and introduce a new word into the lexicon, using it like it is commonplace, or treating it with contempt, but we all know the real truth about journalists – they have no use for anything else in the world, possibly arising around and smoking crack at university, barely scraping through, hence they just write shit all day about non-events that no-one really gives a rats ass about. Which is probably why it took them  12 years to discover the word, and then due to the cocktail of drugs they have been taking, totally misinterpreted its meaning.

Reading around on the ‘net, it seems I’m not the only person who is pissed off by this, check out an article by ‘Glen Coco’ here. He explains it in a much more coherent way than I ever could.

By the way – a quick message to the sewer rats known as Journalists – to find that article by Glen Coco, you need to click the word ‘here’ in the above paragraph. I know it’s a brave new step in this technological world(and you are stupid), but sometimes you need to let yourself go.

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