Why are there so many idiots using facebook? These complete wankers think that they OWN the internet – the very same people that only bought a computer/smart phone so that can ‘facebook’(verb). When rumours spread that facebook may charge people to use its service, these users are up in arms! Oh look! you have created a facebook petition to keep it free! Well, guess what? You have paid nothing, you have no hold on facebook, if they want to charge, they can. Using a service like facebook (for free) is a privilege, not a right. You have no binding contract, and without such, you have no control in somebody’s business, even if you have now become a product of it.

It pisses me off that nowadays that I come across complete wankers trying to tell me how to use a computer like I have just been crawled out of a cave, yet they only use them for the reasons above. Listen carefully – I (and others) have been using computers and the internet (and BBS’s) back in the days that you used to take the piss out of computer users – back when it was not even cool to admit being a computer enthusiast, so if you think I want to hear your banal diatribe on which is the best ‘internet dongle’ for your Craptop, think again – you lot are fucking clueless morons who shouldn’t be let near anything more advanced than a cheap electric toothbrush. If that didn’t quite sink in, maybe you should read it again (slowly) and digest the words. If that fails, get a friend to help you.

It was often said that if you have a million monkeys typewriters, they would, collectively, produce the works of William Shakespear. Now thanks to facebook, we know this is not true.

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