Trolling – Really? Wise up, wankers.

Another day, another fucking news story about a whored out celebrity getting ‘trolled’. Great. It is totally crap how they have latched onto this word around 2010 and, over time, raping the arse off it even though you can find it being used on Usenet as far back as 1998! ┬áThe only problem is, the […]


Why are there so many idiots using facebook? These complete wankers think that they OWN the internet – the very same people that only bought a computer/smart phone so that can ‘facebook’(verb). When rumours spread that facebook may charge people to use its service, these users are up in arms! Oh look! you have created […]

Jeremy Vine STFU!

Last week, I found myself listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 – which is more than enough to put anyone into a rage, especially when people decide to air their crap opinions to a nation that is pretty much filled with idiots. The whole show revolves around rattling on about a […]