Max Clifford…Justice at last

So, Max Clifford has been sent down for 8 years for a series of sex assaults he committed. Good. After all those years of fucking lies that he has been filling the news with, how he just fed in a little lie, like a seed and letting it grow into a big lie-fuckfest, the way he would only tell half the story and let your mind fill in the blanks…..finally, the cunt got what was coming to him. Yes Max, all those people you have caused hurt to, all those families that you have hurt with your lies, the children that grew to resent their parents because of your fucking lies…..and it was a huge sack of lies, wasn’t it Max? All that hurt you caused during your laughable crusade, and now finally, Karma let you dig a big enough hole for you to finally bury yourself in. Ain’t karma a bitch?

During your 8 years inside Max, I really hope you become the bitch of your wing, I really hope that you get shafted so much that you have to walk to the showers in the morning like John Wayne after a 7 day trek across Nevada. I really hope you get piles. I hope you have to go for multiple colonoscopies to check how much your ass has been ripped apart. I fucking hate you. You think that you are untouchable, that you can get away with forcing sex on any girls you like, because you are Max Clifford the untouchable, well fuck you – now you are going to realise that you are not untouchable, you are the same as everyone else…..and up on your wing, you are fucking nothing.

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