Max Clifford…Justice at last

So, Max Clifford has been sent down for 8 years for a series of sex assaults he committed. Good. After all those years of fucking lies that he has been filling the news with, how he just fed in a little lie, like a seed and letting it grow into a big lie-fuckfest, the way he would only tell half the story and let your mind fill in the blanks…..finally, the cunt got what was coming to him. Yes Max, all those people you have caused hurt to, all those families that you have hurt with your lies, the children that grew to resent their parents because of your fucking lies…..and it was a huge sack of lies, wasn’t it Max? All that hurt you caused during your laughable crusade, and now finally, Karma let you dig a big enough hole for you to finally bury yourself in. Ain’t karma a bitch?

During your 8 years inside Max, I really hope you become the bitch of your wing, I really hope that you get shafted so much that you have to walk to the showers in the morning like John Wayne after a 7 day trek across Nevada. I really hope you get piles. I hope you have to go for multiple colonoscopies to check how much your ass has been ripped apart. I fucking hate you. You think that you are untouchable, that you can get away with forcing sex on any girls you like, because you are Max Clifford the untouchable, well fuck you – now you are going to realise that you are not untouchable, you are the same as everyone else…..and up on your wing, you are fucking nothing.

SEO, On-Page SEO blah blah blah FUCK OFF!

Hello there, if you have come here for whatever reason to read the blog, fine – I don’t really care if anyone reads or not, its for me to vent anger, if you enjoy reading it, that’s also fine.

What pisses me off is the scum of the internet, the people that are trying to submit comments to these posts who are just trying to sell and promote whatever scam they think will make them mega bucks. Yes, I’m talking about you bastards, the SEO people! You stupid dipshits must have rotten apples for brains, there are hardly any comments here, do you honestly think you are the first person to post an SEO comment? Do you really think you have found a goldmine here because it is virgin ground? If so, you will never make any money you fucking retards.

I should let you know that I vet EVERY comment. The pass/fail criteria is this: If you are selling/marketing something, it gets deleted, anything else gets a pass.

Now if you are using a bot to trawl for websites and leaving comments in the posts, then yes, you are still a piece of cocksucking alien shit, but it is almost excusable, as you will never see this message, but for  the rest of you doing it manually – do the points above not register at all? My vision of you SEO selling people (or penis/tit/Valium pills) is that you really have not achieved that much in life, probably dropped out of school, maybe played a bit of dungeons and dragons, tried to get in on the boom back in the day, missed out because you could only create a shitty little local portal, and now you sat at home(shit hole) with the cheapest internet connection you can afford, on a ‘dongle connection’ (better go and ‘top that up’ soon) drinking the cheapest alcohol that you could find, while typing in google/bing “how to make money online”. Its a bit of a grim picture isn’t it? Welcome to your shitty life, now fuck off and stop leaving comments – you need to shower and suck your dad off. WANKERS!

Geriatrics with ‘opinions’

Mr & Mrs Bailey. Too old.

Mr & Mrs Bailey. Too old.

See the scan from the Daily Mail (12th February 2013) which is a letter penned by Lindsay and Stewart Bailey who, in a very convoluted way, basically are saying they are upset about the new ruling on Gay marriages. They refer to this by saying things like “My wife and I belong to a club, it’s a special one”. Let’s get this straight – Marriage is not a fucking ‘club’ as they put it, I was more of the opinion it was the showing of a commitment between 2 life partners, or in a religious term ‘a holy union witnessed by God almighty’? Any of these seem like acceptable terms, but not a fucking club!

What kind of morons are you both? You moan about these unsavoury people being admitted to your ‘club’ and that the big bad bully politicians  fast tracked the legislation without consulting you – what did you expect them to do? Hold a fucking referendum with every married couple in the UK, Europe….the world? Please explain to me exactly how Homosexuals  being allowed to marry is going to affect your life at all? Or your marriage come to that. I am waiting for an explanation! You both sound like a pair of bigoted, homophobic morons who are hell bent on seeing that anyone else who does not fit your Nazi criteria for marriage to be cast aside, burning in ‘Bailey Hell’ – like you have to be part of some Aryan master race to even be considered entry to your ‘club’.

I quote “…Old members of our club have been cast adrift, hurt that their club has been hijacked…” – How do you KNOW this? Have you spoken to all the other married couples? Or is this just a shit hypothesis that you dreamt up while knocking back a pint at the working men’s club on a Thursday evening?

Believe it or not, Mr & Mrs Bailey, Homosexuals (clinical term I know) are…..people. Real people. They didn’t land with ET and forget to get the last bus home. Why should they not be allowed the same happiness that everyone else experiences? It’s not like you will have to take them out on (or fund) their stag do/hen party. You won’t even have to give them away. WHAT IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM? Again, if you ever get to read this, you bumbling  geriatrics, please explain (in plain English) how this ruling is going to affect you. I can sum it up right here: It won’t. So….SHUT THE FUCK UP!


Anyone needed a good laugh, read that letter, it is complete bollocks from start to finish.



Trolling – Really? Wise up, wankers.

Another day, another fucking news story about a whored out celebrity getting ‘trolled’. Great. It is totally crap how they have latched onto this word around 2010 and, over time, raping the arse off it even though you can find it being used on Usenet as far back as 1998!  The only problem is, the media do not understand the full definition. Journalists piss me off, they try to be cool and ‘with-it’ and introduce a new word into the lexicon, using it like it is commonplace, or treating it with contempt, but we all know the real truth about journalists – they have no use for anything else in the world, possibly arising around and smoking crack at university, barely scraping through, hence they just write shit all day about non-events that no-one really gives a rats ass about. Which is probably why it took them  12 years to discover the word, and then due to the cocktail of drugs they have been taking, totally misinterpreted its meaning.

Reading around on the ‘net, it seems I’m not the only person who is pissed off by this, check out an article by ‘Glen Coco’ here. He explains it in a much more coherent way than I ever could.

By the way – a quick message to the sewer rats known as Journalists – to find that article by Glen Coco, you need to click the word ‘here’ in the above paragraph. I know it’s a brave new step in this technological world(and you are stupid), but sometimes you need to let yourself go.


Why are there so many idiots using facebook? These complete wankers think that they OWN the internet – the very same people that only bought a computer/smart phone so that can ‘facebook’(verb). When rumours spread that facebook may charge people to use its service, these users are up in arms! Oh look! you have created a facebook petition to keep it free! Well, guess what? You have paid nothing, you have no hold on facebook, if they want to charge, they can. Using a service like facebook (for free) is a privilege, not a right. You have no binding contract, and without such, you have no control in somebody’s business, even if you have now become a product of it.

It pisses me off that nowadays that I come across complete wankers trying to tell me how to use a computer like I have just been crawled out of a cave, yet they only use them for the reasons above. Listen carefully – I (and others) have been using computers and the internet (and BBS’s) back in the days that you used to take the piss out of computer users – back when it was not even cool to admit being a computer enthusiast, so if you think I want to hear your banal diatribe on which is the best ‘internet dongle’ for your Craptop, think again – you lot are fucking clueless morons who shouldn’t be let near anything more advanced than a cheap electric toothbrush. If that didn’t quite sink in, maybe you should read it again (slowly) and digest the words. If that fails, get a friend to help you.

It was often said that if you have a million monkeys typewriters, they would, collectively, produce the works of William Shakespear. Now thanks to facebook, we know this is not true.

Jeremy Vine STFU!

Last week, I found myself listening to the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 – which is more than enough to put anyone into a rage, especially when people decide to air their crap opinions to a nation that is pretty much filled with idiots. The whole show revolves around rattling on about a ‘controversial’ issue for the allotted time it is given, people getting worked up (I know that feeling) and listeners phoning/ SMS’ing/emailing the studio to make their voice heard. But guess what? You have essentially wasted your energy because NO PROGRESS IS MADE IN REAL LIFE FROM THIS KIND OF SHOW!!!! Use your brain, what use is talking about something just to hear people’s opinions, all of which just fall down the memory hole once the next topic is presented?

The talking point on the show I was listening to was “If you saw someone dressed inappropriately in these cold winter conditions, would you intervene and tell them?” (!) What kind of a bloody talking point is that? No, of course I wouldn’t! Next question please. If people want to go out in the snow wearing a pair of flip flops and a T-Shirt, so what? who really cares? Who do these people think they are to go casting opinions on how others are walking around? Why can’t they get back to their sad, pathetic existence rather than trying to control the world to suit them? Get on with your own lives and do something useful, rather than trying to claim the high ground to justify why you are better than everyone else. WANKERS!!!